'Pray No More' Out Now!


I’m so excited to announce the release of one of my favourite co-writes from the past year, a song with the ever stunning Benedict Cork, called ‘Pray No More’. We wrote this in the early part of 2018 in a slew of sessions that saw us write song after song that just hit home on so many levels. In the spirit of going deep, we wanted to explore Ben’s experience as a gay man - and the experience of so many non-cisgender people - from the perspective of their parents, and the sacrifices they may feel they would make for their child; giving up their faith, their communities, etc, to become an ally for their children. What does it mean when religious teachings are twisted to condemn, rather than love? Would you give up your faith and your traditions for your child?

Roles: writer, producer, vocal percussion

New Musical Venture - 'Stirling'

A change of identity as an artist is a pretty big move - it’s no small matter to take on a new name, new identity, and new focus - but today I released my first song under a new name: Stirling. Before I tell you the story behind the change, I first to share with you the debut single, ‘Let You Down’ - one I thought was the perfect song to start a new direction under.

So, why the name change? It started a little while ago, a few small things prompting a shift in my thoughts - meetings with managers, my name being stunningly mispronounced three times at the same show, and the feeling that even though I’d been putting music out under my given name for years, I hadn’t really worked on a focussed identity that I felt had direction & purpose. That and I also wanted to honour my birthplace, Stirling, representing the fact that I’ve lived in the US for a little over a decade and still find myself pining for home.

I decided to create a new manifesto as an artist, one that would see me really hone in on the things that are important to me: honesty, emotion, and purpose. I wanted to create a space where I could speak openly about my feelings on gender equality and mental health, where I could dive into topics that are all-too-often dropped in songwriting sessions because they’re seen as too risky to write & pitch to other artists. I was tired of sacrificing depth for an easy pitch & musicality for bland imitation.

So today I launch with ‘Let You Down’, a song I wrote for my parents. They’re still in Scotland and every time we chat I want to be able to give them a definitive piece of evidence that everything is coming together - that my plans and goals are manifesting, but as a musician and songwriter there can be little tangible evidence to give someone so far away. That and I’ve always wanted to make them proud - here’s to drawing ever closer to that moment.


‘Let You Down’ can be bought/streamed on iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, and other major music services.

'Home' Certified Gold!

‘Home’, which I wrote nearly three years ago with some of my best friends, and which was released a year ago by Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors, and Bebe Rexha, was just certified Gold by the RIAA! It’s a little surreal, to be honest. When I started writing songs I never considered any of the accolades - I just wanted to make good music and make a living at it. Having this in my hands is just one of many confirmations for me that I’m walking the right path, a path I’ve often felt like I’m stumbling on.

A career as a creative is an unpredictable one. Not only does it come with the expectation that your day-to-day activities are accompanied by an ever present sense of anxiety - the constant inner dialogue of “I’m awesome!” suddenly becoming “I’m awful!” - but it’s also one that has no industry standards in terms of what you’ll earn in a year, or even if you’ll earn in a year. I was recently listening to Kelsey Grammer’s 1995 biography ‘So Far’ and he shared a quote from one of his favourite poets, a quote that struck me as being so relevant to this journey of mine.

Stagger onward rejoicing
— W.H. Auden

So here we are. It started out as a song about homesickness that I wrote with some of my closest friends whilst missing Scotland, and ended up being heard by millions of people around the world. I’m so grateful that this journey is the one I’m supposed to be on - I couldn’t imagine any other.

New Song - 'Death of Me'

Over the past two years I've experimented with Patreon, a really cool platform that works as crowdfunding, but on a project-by-project basis - it makes being a creator much more sustainable. This year I settled on a 12 month project, that of releasing a new song every month through Patreon/YouTube and I just completed the first. It's called 'Death of Me' and it's a very personal song, a song about the ups and downs of pursuing a dream in LA.

I'm already drafting up plans to release an EP as the project moves on, but I don't want to jump the gun. Making sure I'm able to keep up with my normal writing schedule and writing/producing a new one for Patreon every month, well, that's my first goal. A huge thanks to everyone who has supported it so far - there is so much more to come!

'Beautiful Creatures (feat. MAX)' Out Now!


Sometimes you write a song and it just screams to be performed by a specific artist - and that's the case with 'Beautiful Creatures'. We wrote about the human condition and the innate desire to connect with those around us in ways that go beyond surface relationships.

I'm so excited that Illenium and MAX decided to take this song on - and I'm so excited to see where it will go from here!