New Song - 'Death of Me'

Over the past two years I've experimented with Patreon, a really cool platform that works as crowdfunding, but on a project-by-project basis - it makes being a creator much more sustainable. This year I settled on a 12 month project, that of releasing a new song every month through Patreon/YouTube and I just completed the first. It's called 'Death of Me' and it's a very personal song, a song about the ups and downs of pursuing a dream in LA.

I'm already drafting up plans to release an EP as the project moves on, but I don't want to jump the gun. Making sure I'm able to keep up with my normal writing schedule and writing/producing a new one for Patreon every month, well, that's my first goal. A huge thanks to everyone who has supported it so far - there is so much more to come!

'Beautiful Creatures (feat. MAX)' Out Now!


Sometimes you write a song and it just screams to be performed by a specific artist - and that's the case with 'Beautiful Creatures'. We wrote about the human condition and the innate desire to connect with those around us in ways that go beyond surface relationships.

I'm so excited that Illenium and MAX decided to take this song on - and I'm so excited to see where it will go from here!