New Musical Venture - 'Stirling'

A change of identity as an artist is a pretty big move - it’s no small matter to take on a new name, new identity, and new focus - but today I released my first song under a new name: Stirling. Before I tell you the story behind the change, I first to share with you the debut single, ‘Let You Down’ - one I thought was the perfect song to start a new direction under.

So, why the name change? It started a little while ago, a few small things prompting a shift in my thoughts - meetings with managers, my name being stunningly mispronounced three times at the same show, and the feeling that even though I’d been putting music out under my given name for years, I hadn’t really worked on a focussed identity that I felt had direction & purpose. That and I also wanted to honour my birthplace, Stirling, representing the fact that I’ve lived in the US for a little over a decade and still find myself pining for home.

I decided to create a new manifesto as an artist, one that would see me really hone in on the things that are important to me: honesty, emotion, and purpose. I wanted to create a space where I could speak openly about my feelings on gender equality and mental health, where I could dive into topics that are all-too-often dropped in songwriting sessions because they’re seen as too risky to write & pitch to other artists. I was tired of sacrificing depth for an easy pitch & musicality for bland imitation.

So today I launch with ‘Let You Down’, a song I wrote for my parents. They’re still in Scotland and every time we chat I want to be able to give them a definitive piece of evidence that everything is coming together - that my plans and goals are manifesting, but as a musician and songwriter there can be little tangible evidence to give someone so far away. That and I’ve always wanted to make them proud - here’s to drawing ever closer to that moment.


‘Let You Down’ can be bought/streamed on iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, and other major music services.

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