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Robert gillies

singer-songwriter / drinker of tea / half centaur




No journey that led somewhere worth writing home about ever ran in a straight line, and Robert Gillies’ is no different. From writing his first songs in a tiny town in south of Scotland, to studying at Berklee College of Music, to living and writing in Los Angeles; it’s easy to look back and see the through-lines, but from his perspective, it was anything but simple.

“I feel like I didn’t really know how to get to my goals, but I just stumbled forward, step-by-step, looking for signs that I was heading in the right direction. Most of the time it felt like I was making progress, but there were days when I felt like I was just floundering.”

Gillies’ acceptance at Berklee College of Music was the first sign of things to come, and it wasn’t long before he rose through the ranks of the songwriting department, winning contests, meeting with guest songwriters, and travelling to Nashville for sessions. Even after graduating from the school, Robert stayed in the Boston area for two more years, releasing original material, writing & performing with Charlie Puth, and running an NPO.

It wasn’t long before Los Angeles came calling, and he began writing with his close friend and Grammy-nominated producer David Pramik. Shortly after moving to the city several of Gillies’ songs were picked up by other artists, including ‘Home’ (performed by Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors, and Bebe Rexha) and ‘Beautiful Creatures’ (performed by Illenium and MAX). Since then he has written with & for a wide range of artists including Andy Grammer, Stanaj, Why Don’t We, and Rozzi.

But the studio isn’t where Gillies feels most at home, and he has recently begun a shift back towards performing again, this time channelling his energy into a new project - with blessings from some of the music industry’s biggest players.

“I hate not being able to share new music as it comes, but I’ve made the mistake of putting music out without a plan in the past - even without consistent branding - and I was never able to build up the momentum I knew I needed to achieve to get myself where I really want to be: on stage. I’m so excited about what I’ve been working on, and even more excited that writers I look up to are getting pumped as well.”