Back on the Horse

There is such a thing as trying to do too much, but I'm a sucker for the 'trying' part. One of the byproducts of that, though, is starting to lose track of things and it's usually something that happens little by little, eventually catching up to you and saying, "Hey, uh, are we still doing the thing?".

Three months ago I moved to LA, a move that was a long time coming and saw me diving head first into a scene that I've flirted with for a couple of years now. Back in 2013 I made my first trip down here from Oakland to work on some new material with David Pramik and we ended up creating Black Buffalo, a project that sounded nothing like anything I'd ever done before, and opened my eyes to what was possible as a songwriter. Over time I came down here more and more, spending 7+ hours on a bus each way, loving every minute of my creative time, and becoming a part of a community that has embraced me deeply.

Since moving here I've written voraciously, jumping into the deep end of the songwriting world, and though it's been incredible so far I've also learned that I'm having to carve out time to be me - personally, but also as an artist. Writing so much for other singers is amazing, but it means I haven't had the time to write for myself, rehearse, perform, and do all of the things I'm wanting to do online with YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

The past week or so I've been restructuring how it all fits together and it's a bigger challenge than I expected. I didn't realise just how much time I had for myself when I was just focused on being me - crazy - but I have a feeling it's going to help me concentrate on what's important, create better art, and bring my A game to you. The next couple of months are going to be one giant big experiment, so here's to working for the payoff - more music, better music, better me.

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