Here I am again the day before 2018 starts and I'm feeling the urge to throw together a list of things I want to be better at starting tomorrow. The thing is, I know how this is going to go - all of us do. Setting ourselves goals to adopt immediately - often large and potentially life-changing - is really setting ourselves up for failure. How many times have I, or any of us, decided that I'm suddenly going to regularly go to yoga? Or stop eating sugar? Or learn a new skill?


This year I'm taking a new approach.

I'm thinking of the person I want to be a Gregorian year from now, imagining the habits I've adopted, what I've achieved, the community I've built, and with those things in mind I'm thinking of what I need to do to get there. What changes to do I need to make to become a more communicative friend and family member? What should I do less or more of to become the person I'm imagining will re-read this blog 365 days from now?

So yes, I have a list of things I want to achieve - but I'm also developing a road map for future me, one I can follow at a pace that won't break me, but will encourage me through reflection and growth on a daily basis.

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